Ohio’s Adult Guardianship Rules Overhauled

All of the people whose lives are effected by a Guardianship are about to experience something quite different. It’s a very good time to rethink your estate plan and consult a local attorney for advice.

What To Do About a Child Who Can’t Handle Money

There are many types of Trusts out there to choose from, several important things to have in your will, and many things people have never known they may need. Our attorneys here can help you find the right options, and bring your estate the perfect plan.

Supreme Court decision against overall political donation limits won’t affect Ohio — at least…

Are caps on political campaign spending coming to an end?…On Constitutional free speech grounds?:

Holder Urges Restoration of Voting Rights to Felons | National Law Journal

An important Constitutional issue has recently been put into play by the Attorney General. Don’t forget to stay informed about your own Constitutional right to vote.:

Findlay Young Professionals » 2014 Annual Kickoff Event – Forever Young

The Findlay Young Professionals will meet tomorrow at 5:30 at Alexandria’s. Support your blossoming career and register for the event for free:

Deloitte Dabbles in Chinese Legal Practice | The American Lawyer

As the world becomes predominantly flat, take a look at an example of how your local firm can help you with international issues as well as local issues:

Have you ever been called for…

Have you ever been called for jury duty? The importance of your civil right and civic duty might extend beyond what you had previously thought:

Courtney Love takes stand at first US ‘twibel’ trial, brought by her ex-lawyer over critical…

As the Internet revolutionizes the way we practice law, so does it revolutionize what the law means. Even your Twitter could potentially land you in hot water:

Trial Courts Not Required to Consider Pleadings When Deciding Whether to Grant a Directed Verdict

If you’re thinking of going pro se, you should think a bit harder. Your pleadings are critical. You’ll need an expert behind the scenes! Come see Whitman Law Offices, LLC for advice on how to proceed:

Volcker Rule Challenged in U.S. Court by Bank Group

Politics or no, it is important to stay informed. See what’s happening with your banks: