Domestic Relations

Whitman & Glover, LLC can provide strong and competent representation in many areas in the Domestic Relations Court. Divorce is becoming more common, and our office is here to help. The first thing you should think about is getting through this process amicably so your kids don’t have to come along for the ride. If this can be done, Dissolutions are an option. In a Dissolution, we can only represent one party, but most of the time that is sufficient to draft an agreement suitable to both.

If Divorce is your only choice, our office will be there to support you through your difficult time; providing you with the competent and confident representation you deserve. Our office takes a strong, realistic, and ethical approach in domestic cases to protect you from getting pulled in all of the wrong directions.

The Whitman & Glover Law Office, LLC can assist you with several other actions in the domestic relations court as well: Child Support cases, Civil Protection Orders, and Custody cases.