Elder Law & Estates

Planning your affairs in such a way as to provide for your children, loved ones, and anyone else who may be important in your life is not as daunting of a task as it is commonly perceived. The first thing that comes to mind for most people when thinking about planning their estate is “that’s more than I can afford right now.” The truth is that estate planning is not nearly the pricey affair it is thought to be, and it always pays more to be prepared than otherwise. With Whitman & Glover, LLC you can explore various options for your future and find the most cost-effective and secure plan for yourself and your loved ones. Here, you are more than a mere file or just another estate, you are a friend.

Wills are the backbone of the estate plan. With a properly composed will you can leave your belongings to your loved ones by name, or simply choose an executor to administer your estate. With nearly forty years’ experience, and no contested wills, the Whitman & Glover Law Office, LLC is one of the finest local firms for your will and other estate planning needs.

Trusts are not the piece of estate planning that a will is, but some people find themselves uniquely placed to require one. Trusts come in all shapes and sizes, each serving a special function to protect or set aside assets for loved ones, or to simply protect those assets. Our office can assist you with making the decision as to what type of trust you need, or if you need one at all. Once you have come to a decision we can compose the trust of your choice and guide you through the procedures necessary for maintaining it.

There is much more that you can get from Whitman & Glover, LLC. We not only create wills, but are able to serve as your executor so your family is free from the additional hardship that comes in sensitive times. Our office will also assist you with amendments to wills and trusts, powers of attorney (both durable and healthcare), living wills, Medicare and Medicaid, Guardianships, and anything else which you might find that you require as your planning takes unexpected twists and turns.