Real Estate Law

Whitman & Glover, LLC knows Real Estate. With Mr. Whitman having been one of the top ranked realtors in Findlay before he even graduated law school, you’re getting the best experience money can buy. Whitman & Glover Law Office, LLC can assist on matters relating to landlord-tenant relations, and evictions. Our office can draw up all those agreements you will need your tenants to follow before they get in, and we can even write them an offer to purchase.

More and more often you find the use of a Land Installment Contract. Unfortunately it is becoming just as common to find that those LICs are improperly done. This causes problems down the road in the event of a forfeiture or breach of that agreement. Our office can advise you of the pros and cons of these instruments, and should you decide on one, we have the knowledge and staff to properly execute and record your LIC.

If you simply opt for a lease, we can have one ready for you. If the tenant fails to comply with the lease, we can get you back in the property. And if the shoe is on the other foot, our office can try and help you too. If someone begins to build over the property line, or break a restrictive covenant on property, we can help. Whatever issue or question you have, when it comes to real estate, come to Whitman & Glover, LLC.

The Whitman brand is also highly recommended and recognized for its Title work through Whitman Title Security, Inc. With the established Whitman name, you can count on the most current knowledge and effective closing transactions for your new home or loan. Remember: when you close with Whitman, you close with confidence!